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steve ballmer. as a big company, we have a responsibility not just to socially respect the user but to build the technology that will protect the anonymity, privacy, the security of what i said, who i say it to, where i go, what is important to me. given the recent hearing on phone tracking, given the fact that if you look at it website and targeted advertising pops up a matter where you go, there is a lot of concern out there about being tracked. does microsoft have the technology and do you aggregate the information that you collect from people? or can you identify individuals? >> on the phone, for instance, there has to be an express action by the consumer to say that you want to make your location known. so, no, that is not known or aggregated. every application, every encounter, you can either turn it off completely or every action, every encounter you have to expressly say, yes, you want the information to be known. a lot of people want the services. those who are aware of the service is really like them. you can stand on a street corner and a movie theater is there and yo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1